Candidates (Interims and Permanents)
Recruiters (Clients)

We search out experienced Interims and Permanents and maintain an online database of CV’s for clients to search and select candidates that best meet the needs for specific assignments through keyword matching.

Please click on registration. Make sure you have:

Once you have registered, a Global I and P Recruitment Specialist will make contact within 24 hours to discuss your needs and talk through the best process to search out potential candidates.

For regular matching of assignments to candidates you will be able to Log In directly and undertake your own online search of all Interims and Permanents.

For some searches, particularly those of a more specialist nature, we may have limited candidates currently on the database or they may be gainfully employed with other clients.

In this situation Global I and P will undertake a more targeted candidate search in the industry and we forward our further recommendations within 7 days.

Throughout the process of selection, we work with our clients to agree a well-understood definition of the assignment objectives. We seek to appoint managers with the credibility and experience to far exceed the assignments demands to guarantee speed of execution and reduce risk.

We expect most Interims to be in place within one to two weeks:

  • Clients are invoiced at the end of each month (Daily rate plus prevailing taxes if applicable).
  • Any travel expenses are charged at cost and agreed prior to expenditure.

We expect most Permanents to be in place within one or two months:

Clients are usually invoiced an agreed percentage of the first year's annual salary /bonus upon signing. Special rates are available for multiple placements.

As the assignment runs its course a Global I and P Advisor, one of our own Interims with a breadth of experience themselves in undertaking assignments, will assess progress and evaluate results, adding an additional dimension to that of the candidate to ensure results are achieved, and a hand over plan agreed with the client.

To discuss your assignment Contact Us.