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Would you like to sign up as one of our Interims

You will need to have significant experience in at least one core business discipline.

You will preferably have held a line management position or undertaken a project management role for at least 2 years and have demonstrated significant achievements at each level of your career.

Clients see interims as a highly cost-effective and proactive way to obtain highly specialist leadership that can have a significant effect on a company's sustainability and growth.

Interims will parachute into their business and immediately assume control of the situation and make demonstrable change in a short period of time. Naturally talented, practical, highly experienced in the latest management tools and techniques, process orientated, (All armed with our Business Process Improvement guidebook), and quickly able to adapt, and influence the culture within the business.

You will need to have an appropriate business vehicle through which you will operate. For additional helpful links see Candidate Services.

You should also consider taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance. However we can provide cover under our own organization if required.

Interims can be a very rewarding choice of career. Rates vary considerably throughout this global business, but typical influencers on rates include:

After registration and completion of your CV, our role at Global I and P is to market your skills and experience to our clients.

Our keywords will help ensure that your abilities and potential are communicated to specifically defined companies within the most appropriate business sectors.

In addition you will be asked to enhance your CV through the use of the Case Study illustrating the impact you have made on business throughout your career.

Please click on registration. Make sure you have:

Once you have registered you will be able to:

We will make contact with References and ask them to complete your reference scorecard.

No specific personal information is released to clients without prior agreement.

However, if an interim position is not for you, consider registering as one of our Permanents.

We have a number of clients who are keen to review candidates for permanent positions.

In many cases Clients will ask if our Interims would like to become Permanents.