Candidates (Interims and Permanents)
Recruiters (Clients)

References are important for both candidates and clients

Candidates provide details of three References as they complete their Database CV.

Global I and P will email each Reference with details of the referencing process and a link to complete a Reference. Should take little more than 5 minutes to complete.

We reference 10 main areas:

Each area is scored 1 to 5:

The scoring from at least 3 References (more if required), will provide each candidate with a Total Scorecard rating against 100% (The maximum rating).

In addition we have a free text box, where you may add additional comments you feel would be useful to the Client. This information will be made available to the Client before the interview.

No scorecard is foolproof and will only be used as a guide, and any strengths and weaknesses explored through the course of the future interview.