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Unlike buying commodities or components, a strategic supplier relationship is focussed more on partnership success with both parties avoiding the use of severe conflict resolution tactics in resolving issues in today’s business environment. The benefits are huge both in terms of future adaptability to change and improved cashflow for your business.

Strategic suppliers are likely to take on a large portion of your existing operation, and finding the right player with the breadth of experience and financial support to grow with you longer term can prove difficult. Many companies with sensitive intellectual property fear that their products may be circumvented or directly copied, but a number of high profile companies have successfully found or set up strategic suppliers without any problems.

Interims have extensive experience evaluating current products and operations, locating and setting up appropriate strategic suppliers for blue chip clients in a number of countries including most recently, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Singapore and China

Starting with a top level review of business needs and countries to be included in the search:

It is essential that any strategic suppliers are financially sound and have the management stretch to meet your future needs.

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